high quality portable copper mine pellet machine price in iquique

high quality portable copper mine pellet machine price in iquique

S tripping cables is not only a time-consuming task, but it can also be very tiring and annoying, particularly if you have other bigger things to do. That’s why wire stripping machines are so helpful, whether they’re automatic or manual. You can use them to strip and cut any type of cable of any diameter without having to waste time and energy

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While some models are equipped with a plethora of impressive features, others come with a nice bundle of accessories. More than that, some machines come at a reasonable price, while others are very expensive

To help you find exactly what you need, we have gathered some of the most efficient models out there. Take a look at the comparison table below to understand what makes these machines so efficient and practical

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

Their utility is renowned mostly because cables can be very thin, and it’s sometimes very hard to strip them by hand. Their sharp serrated teeth can easily reach the core of the cables and take off the shell, thus lowering the hassle. For more data on the most dependable models, read the following reviews

It is built entirely of steel, and, even if this makes heavier than other models (68 lbs.), it also means that it won’t rust nor dent with ease. As it is a benchtop unit, you will also benefit from more stability, ensured by the sturdy base. Furthermore, all the pieces have been carefully crafted to fit in place, so the mechanism is reliable and ready to handle even the toughest jobs

Besides, it comes with five blades, so you will be covered for years. Furthermore, the company will supply you with top-quality parts in case you need them, and for 1 full year, you will get them for free, as this is the length of the service contract.

It should come as no surprise that we choose this model as the best one available for sale. It is efficient, easy to use, and although it is more expensive than other similar products, it the best option to consider when making a purchase. Aside from being efficient, it is also extremely safe. The fact that it comes with an emergency stop button makes it ideal even for beginners

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

Regarding its dependability, the aircraft-grade aluminum construction says it all. This unit can handle high humidity, as it has been provided with a waterproof design. Moreover, the hardware is all steel, hence, the odds of it developing rust stains are minimal

With an integrated blade depth reference indicator, you can ensure you make the right adjustments and don’t put a strain on the machine. It comes with two blades that will get you through the learning period, in case it is your first time using a tool of this kind. Plus, the manufacturer offers a 30-day window in which you can return it in case you discover that it doesn’t satisfy your requirements.

It is specially made to strip large quantities of wire at a very fast rate. It is capable of removing the insulation on wires with both small and large diameters It comes with durable construction made of a firm aluminum alloy. Besides, the blade can be easily adjusted as it integrates a blade depth reference indicator

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

It measures 8′′ W x 12′′ D x 13′′ H and weighs 31.4 pounds. It can help you take off plastic and rubber from wires. Besides, it allows you to gain time and is energy-efficient. It presents strong and durable construction. It is made of a special alloy, so be sure that it will last more than traditional models made of steel.

Although it comes at a cheaper price, it is more powerful than many other models available for sale. With a powerful motor and a lot of interesting features, it is by far one of our most interesting models and an option to consider when making a purchase

It is affordable, easy to use, and cost-efficient. It can peel off plastic and rubber cables with ease. Although the motor can be rather slow for tougher operations, it does a great job for thinner wires

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

It has durable blades, made of a special alloy that lasts much longer than high-speed steel. On the other hand, you should also know that some users found this machine to be slower than expected and difficult to use at times. Still, most users agree that this model is an effective addition to any wire stripping professional.

This is a solid machine that comes with a wide range of interesting features. It is able to strip cables from 18 AWG to 1250kcm. Although some customers complain that it is a bit difficult to use, we can assure you that this could be a great addition to any professional electrician

Although it is an automatic model and can be actioned by using a power drill, it also offers a manual variant. Thus, you will find a crank handle in the pack, which can be effortlessly attached and used when power is not available. It can work with cables with a diameter between 0.12” and 1”, which is a good range, and can reach a speed of 450” of wire/min if you connect it to the drill. Nonetheless, although it can handle Romex cables, it will not perform as fast when handling them. Furthermore, the company recommends to stay aware of your unit’s capacity and not use it with larger wires or employ automatic operations for wires larger than 10 AWG. On the other hand, it works both with rubber and plastic isolation, so it is quite versatile.

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

With two operating methods, one automatic and the other manual, it will suit any situation. Need to get things done fast? Just connect the drill. No power? Get cranking and still finish in time. Nonetheless, keep in mind its limits and buy it only if you don’t need to stripe THHN wires

Even though it is transportable, you don’t have to worry about safety, as it has been crafted out of durable aluminum that won’t get easily damaged throughout the years. Equally important, it has a wire gauge range between 0.06 to 0.0.98-inch, so it is fitting for a variety of cables. Perhaps the reason why it sells so well is that it can be used by beginners to take out plastic and rubber shells from undamaged scrap wire.

It is one of the most lightweight and easy to use stripping tools out there. With an aluminum alloy construction and resistant steel blades, it will last for a very long period. It is capable of peeling off plastic and rubber insulation from wires. Overall, it is a model that will surely meet all your requirements

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

The reason why we recommend this model is because it will provide you with efficiency and practicality. The adjustable wire clamps will ensure that thin and soft wires cannot escape from the clamps. Besides, the blades are made from thick steel, which means that it will last more than the standard models

The last method is the blade sharpening jig. The blade has 3 carefully sharpened cutting surfaces at the perfect angles that combine sharpness and durability. These angles are very difficult for most users to restore when the blade gets dull. By using this jig, the dull will be placed in the 3 sets of holes, so the perfect angles will be precisely presented at the front surface of the jig. Some users like the versatility of this model, while others found it to be difficult to set up. Generally speaking, this tool is effective for most users who can take the time to learn how to best use it.

This is more than a regular stripping machine. It is an amazing product that comes with a lot of functions and settings. It is equipped with an add-on adapter that allows you to peel off wires in different ways. More than that, it is hardwearing and incredibly versatile. Although it is a bit difficult to set up, it is an effective tool worth to consider when investing

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

It is capable of peeling off 8 types of cables and comes with a diameter range between 9AWG and 4AWG. It is more affordable than its competitors, but it is also important to know its downsides. Keep in mind that it doesn’t work on Romex cables, and it is not made to work with a drill. However, it still is a good option to purchase

Overall, it is a powerful tool that comes with a solid blade and the capacity to peel off wires from 24AWG to 0AWG. It is much cheaper than the above models, and the fact that it uses low-cost blades is a major perk. It is a bit tricky to learn how to use it, but considering its attractive price, it is something that you won’t regret

You need to choose a quality model that won’t disappoint you. Some models are equipped with a plethora of features while others have only the standard functions. Also, a tool of this type will help you strip the bigger wires which you won’t be able to do by hand. Some units are portable and easy to use, thus making them perfect tools for carrying them where the job requires

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

A dependable stripping tool can hold the wire by itself and does the job for you. When using this tool, you don’t need people to help you complete your job. In fact, you will be able to work at high speed and process a lot of wire in a small amount of time

If you have decided to make your job easier, this is the place to be. If you have gone through our reviews, you’ve probably made an idea about what’s trending and what’s worth the money, and maybe decided on a product. Nonetheless, if you are still weighing your options, don’t hesitate to take a second look at some of our best picks

Our top pick is a powerful machine capable of peeling off wires with a diameter from 5 mm to 13 mm and Romex wire. Compared to many other similar units, it comes with a plethora of impressive characteristics. It features an emergency stop button, 4 cutting channels, and fully enclosed cutting wheels for increased safety. The tension is adjustable, so you will be able to strip various types of insulation. Plus, with a hardwearing structure that will not bend under the pressure of heavy wires, it is a nice fit for any professional or company in this business

12 best wire stripping machines - 2020 reviews & ratings

Among our favorite picks, this is a model powered by a 1⁄4 hp single phase motor. It can deliver a speed up to 60 fpm. It uses sharp blades to peel off wires from 1-inch to 1⁄4-inch. Although it is automatic, it energy-efficient and won’t increase your energy bill considerably. Plus, in terms of durability, it is among the most robust models available for sale

If you are looking for a unit that can handle cables with a diameter of 3mm up to 8mm, we recommend the LFaize model. Although it is not as powerful as its competitors, it is by far one of the most affordable units available for sale these days. It is fitting for use with moderate insulation layers. It can be used on 8 types of cables, except for the Romex type. Although it presents a sturdy steel frame, it is lightweight and portable, so it can be used just about anywhere

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